Distribution with Design and Technology

  • Deliver innovative technology as well as attractive products
  • Outsourcing product planning add own design that results in unique products
  • New technology and experience resulting in high quality products
  • Co-operative development model that utilizes expertise from partners in creating attractive products at attractive prices

Assistance for Brand BIZ in worldwide

  • Help to launch Brand of partners at big channel in worldwide
  • Sales channel development, logistics, and product support established through local offices with local partners
  • Effectively operates in most of key markets including US, Canada, Korea, Japan, China, and other countries in Europe through various partners in global network

Effective Operation with Minimal Overhead

  • Using partnership business model, incusys creates global presence with minimal resources
  • Highly effective operation that distributes work to various working partners with expertise in their respective field
  • For example, incusys does not own its own factory nor local warehouses but it effectively develop, manufacture, and distribute its products all over the world